Digital Strategy & Consulting's digital strategy team focuses on innovative solutions for a dynamic environment where business and technology converge. Our strategy team will help you achieve your overarching marketing goal.

Build buyer personas

We are user-focused digital marketers who deeply understand how users interact with the web and how businesses can better communicate with them. We incorporate audience-centric messaging into strategically designed websites that are search-engine friendly.

Identify business goals

Our approach connects client’s marketing goals to the fundamental goals of the business. For example, if client’s business goal is to increase online revenue by 30%, client’s goal as a marketer might be to generate over 60% more leads via the website than last year to contribute towers that success.

We help clients understand how to measure their overarching goal, and more importantly, actually be able to measure it. The effective ness of digital strategy will be different for each business and depend on business goals.

Audit existing paid media

Paid media is very self-explanatory and refers to any vehicle or channel that spend money on to catch the attention of buyer personas. This includes things like Google AdWords, paid social media posts, native advertising (like sponsored posts on other websites), and any other vehicle which you directly pay for in exchange for visibility.

We help gather the details and categorize each vehicle or asset in a format that provides clear picture of existing owned, earned and paid media.

Bring it all together

At this point, we have done the planning and the research, and now have a solid vision of the elements that are going to make up client’s digital marketing strategy. We have gathered:

  • Clear profile of buyer persona(s)
  • One or more marketing-specific goals
  • A spreadsheet of existing owned, earned and paid media
  • An audit of existing owned, earned and paid media
  • An owned content creation plan or wish list